Dog Noses and Mindfulness

You know, for me sitting sometimes becomes a wonderful lesson in impermanence and attachment. The silent meditation I am experiencing and enjoying may disappear in the sudden appearance of a wet dog nose in my lap. I must consciously use that wet snuffle as a mindfulness bell – nothing is permanent, and being attached to my meditation session does no one any good. It is good to sit, and sit uninterrupted, but I am aware that my life choices (like adopting a dog, and forgetting to shut the door before I sit) affect how my practice may transpire. Meditation is just one piece of a life’s practice, and I must always remember that. Sometimes there is more to be learned from mindfully accepting and loving the dog underfoot, or the sleepy child crawling into my lap.


4 Responses

  1. Great insight, thanks for pointing to this Its an important lesson for me to take into my practice.

    A wonderful example of embracing a soft approach towards practice.

  2. I just had a similar experience. I was sitting Zazen for a good lenght o f time. Usually, when I sit I’m fidgeting and uncomfortable waiting for the time to get up. However, this time was very pleasant and I did not want to stop, I just kept sitting and sitting and sitting.

    The phone however had different ideas, and decided to ring interrupting me! Oh well, what could be done? I bowed a quick gassho, took the ringing phone as my meditation bell and got up to get the phone. Not a horrible way to end thing.

    I may just turn the phone off next time

  3. Awesome! ^_^ Yeah, phones can totally get in the way of a good sit. Thanks for the comments, as always.

  4. No problem, next time I’ll proof read my comments. Holy typos!

    I must have been lightheaded from the Zazen.



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