Still here…

…wow, can’t believe it’s been a month!

The last month has been busy and a test of my gumption. There’s been a lot going on.

We’ve got our 12 year old newly enrolled in a virtual school, which is turning out to be a stressful transition, even though it eliminates a lot of his previous school stresses and difficulties. (He’s very bright and has a real, honest to goodness case of ADD/ADHD – not the fad diagnosis, but the real deal.) On top of that, we’ve chosen to homeschool our middle son – he’d be in kindergarten this year, but he’s shown rapid development of OCD. They’re both wonderful, intelligent kids, but I’ve had my hands full. Oh – I’ve got a 3 year old, too. ‘Nuff said on that one.

On top of that are various “real life issues.” Always working on that whole ends-meeting bit….

Suffice it to say, whilst I have attempted to make every moment an opportunity for mindfulness, I must admit my daily meditative practice has slipped.

Now that things are beginning to calm down, time to begin anew….


4 Responses

  1. We have an array of neurological issues in our house, too … and we homeschool. Sometimes it can be super NUTS!

  2. Whew – i totally know what you mean.

  3. Glad your back, new beginings are great.

  4. Sounds like you are taking care of what matters. Without that all the practice in the world is just farting in the wind. I can relate to being madly busy and watching the bills like a hawk, but honestly I don’t know how parents of children without such diagnoses find time to breathe, let alone those with the extra challenges. All and best sincered wishes for your health and sanity while getting it all done.

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