Hi all – long time no blog, eh?

No great insights here – just living life. Remaining mindful and aware can be a tremendous challenge in the day to day of a life with a marriage, kids, a budget.

I very much wish that some of the great Buddhist teachers had shared this life, and had commented on it. Even the Buddha stepped away from these visceral issues whilst he sought Understanding.

I love the path I’ve chosen. I love my marriage, my husband. I love my kids. I love my 2 cats and 1 dog. I love the challenge of my life – I am grateful that I have the opportunity to grow and learn so much. It’s all very good, if challenging to my mindfulness, my peace of heart. I’m content with it all.


5 Responses

  1. A deep gassho to your wisdom and insight, thanks for pointing to the important practice of living our ordinary lives day to day in mindfulness.

    take care,


  2. I tagged you for a meme on my blog. I hope you can find the time to play.

    See the post on my page called “Tagged by ZenFrog”

  3. Hi Edamommy
    Hope all is well! What struck me is that you refer to the great Buddhist teachers as though they are of the past, removed from our daily experience. They do exist, living the lives of the present, that we know – marriage, children, the issues of the west. Trungpa Rinpoche taught beautifully to and from the heart about many things we live with in the west. My own precious teacher, recognised and enthroned, was born in the west, has been married, raised kids, has a multitude of pets….knows what we live with and through more intimately than I. And so teaches from that place of wisdom that reflects our lives.
    Living life in contentment, joy, mindfulness and compasion seems to me to be a great method. What the life looks like is perhaps not so much the issue, as the qualities that we bring to it.

  4. Sure sounds like you walking in the middle…stay empty and open!

  5. Thank you all for your relevant and interesting words. Kunzang – always relevant comments from you that give me good food for thought. BigHappyBuddha – thanks for the support! XD Oh, and I’m sorry I missed the tag – perhaps I’ll do it soon, anyway, even though it’s way out of date. 😛 Sorry, y’all it’s been an adventure in normalcy lately….

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