Random Pics from Date Night

The cat is away (well, in this case, the 3 kittens), so the mice have been at play – while the kiddos are with their grandparents this week, the other half and I have actually been getting in some grownup hang out time. Part of that was hanging at a mediocre chain bookstore after a movie. While da Man was checking out the Ubuntu, Unix and Debian books, I (of course) gravitated over to the anaemically stocked Buddhist selections. Here’s part of what I saw – hoped y’all might find these two pics amusing:

Nothing big here – just thought it was funny to be told that the sitting on the floor I was doing wasn’t necessary….

I sure hope someone out there understands why I find this one amusing – that magazine you see peeking out (the only “Buddhist brand” magazine this store carries, behind the title Nudes) is Shambhala Sun:


14 Responses

  1. I guess, we don’t HAVE TO . . . sit on the floor. But why not, lol.

    Great pics, both pretty amusing.

    take care,


  2. ^_^ Thanks – not very deep, but I enjoyed taking them….

    And I have to say I love sitting on the floor.

  3. Poor Shambala Sun 😦 I wonder if there’s any order to the shop’s arrangement of magazines.

    Very funny picture 🙂 On the + Side, at least they carry Shambala Sun…Doesn’t make it down to Australian book shops 😦



  4. No past lives, no future lives, just guaranteed oblivion
    who could ask for less?

    Stay on groovin’ safari,

  5. ^_^ Iconoclasts. =D I should totally introduce you to my 13 yo…

  6. Sitting on the floor is good stuff. I imagine Buddha, Master Dogen, and the like did it for a reason, right?

  7. Yeah, makes sense, Gregor. Sitting still and unflinchingly dealing with the noise in our own heads — definitely a lot of good stuff there…

  8. You know, I’ve been thinking about this – it’s all about living the reality of the moment, with both clarity and compassion. At least for me, my dear Tor, the endgame is not consequential. I honestly feel no need at this point to grasp at end game solutions – or from your perspective a lack thereof. ^_^

  9. Eda Mommy,

    In the same vein “The ride is not the destination, it’s the journey”





  10. I wished you guys lived closer….You and your husband sound like me & The Lady!

  11. That would be delightful! ^_^

  12. I’m not sure WHAT that means to have the Shambhala next to the Nudes magazine!! It sure is amusing though.

    Buddhism does have a good sense of humor!!

  13. can i add your blog in my list?

  14. Sure! ^_^

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