Balancing Rest and Meditation Time

…this is something I struggle with right now.  The way things are scheduled, I get up 5 days a aweek at 5:30 with my Eldest, who leaves for the bus stop at 6:18 (Don’t ask, but trust me, it works. ;P).  I then have a busy day that lasts until I wind down at around 9:30 or 10.  At this point I usally take a bit of personal time to read, watch a little boob tube, or maybe play a game with Da Man.  I pretty much figure I need half an hour to an hour to chill at night – things are just hectic until then, between working for Da Man (Hee-hee.  ^_^ Actually we have a business together in the home.) and taking care of Da Kiddos and House Stuff – I stay busy and I need time to decompress.  (Well, usually.  I feel a little guilty writing that, because today has been a bit shiftless – I’m tired and have been fighting a cold all week.)

Anyway, the point is I just don’t get an adequate amount of sleep right now, during the week.  At best I’m getting maybe six hours a night.  I’m sure to some that seems an abundance of riches, but I really seem to do best with 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep a night.  I know, I’ve experimented with it.  So right now, I run at least 5 hours of sleep short a week.

To get to the point – I’m trying to decide exactly where a regular sitting time for meditation might best fit.  Maybe in the morning between bus and getting Middle and Youngest up?  But then I would lose any padding I have for the unexpected and I am concerned I would have a lot of rushed mornings, which is no way to start the day.  Perhaps I should get up half an hour ahead of time?  But then I would lose another 2 to 3 hours of sleep during the week.  Should I sit in the middle of my workday, since I have the luxury/curse of working out of the home?  I am concerned that this would be hard to set a regular time for as every day is different for me, between work and parenting, and that some days this would be very easy to drop.  Should I do it at night, after Da Kiddos have all gone to bed?  Well, this seems like a possibility, but I often find myself drooping by this time, and it would be nice to not bring a constantly tired mind to the cushion.

I know I’m over-complicating things, but I have yet to come up with the best answer for myself.  I’d love to hear from you, if you have time.  How do you schedule your meditation time?  Do you have a regular sitting schedule?  How do you manage a busy life and Buddhist life?  How do you integrate your practice into the everyday?

Guess that’s a lot of questions.  ^_^ Meh – I’m full of them lately.


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