Interesting Thought

“If you don’t heed the cries of a dog on a chain, how do you expect God to heed your cries?” — Kerouac


"Love is the Law"

You know, I love my husband very much. We’ve been married for almost 16 years. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been very much worth it.

My husband is passionate about his beliefs. We have a different religious context, but we come from the same spiritual context. He is all about loving-compassion. Check out his opening blog entry. I’d love to know what you think, and so would he. ^_^

Hubble and the Face of God

A little bit of a digression …. My husband and I are not of the same context, spiritually. He has a spiritual heritage, a cultural foundation that I do not. I was not raised steeped in a religious tradition. My religious upbringing was listening to other people talk about their spiritual lives as I visited with them, and also the ecumenical realities of being raised in a military community. I remember visiting churches on base for cultural events of one sort or another and letting my mind pick at the various religious artifacts I could see around me. I wanted so much to understand the spiritual rubrics they represented – really understand them, not just have an intellectual grasp of them. My churches were multi-purpose churches designed to fit the spiritual needs of the many different peoples that make up the corps of the armed forces. I am a spiritual orphan raised by a long series of spiritual foster parents. I have thought for many many years about this, and after long thought, I have realized that I am ill-suited for Christianity. It is a second language to me, not the fabric of my upbringing. So, with that said, I have always imagined, that if God is as my Christian husband believes He is, then He is sublime. And if His face is to be found, to me, it is to be found not in the rough trappings of our everyday but here, in the clouds of new solar life in a brilliant starlit nebula….