The Metta Sutta Campaign

If you are not familiar with it, Rev. Danny is trying to get a viral campaign going of folks reading the Metta Sutta in virtual solidarity for the monastics of Burma.  As reported in the The Irrawaddy:

Buddhist monks at the Myat Saw Nyi Naung Pagoda in Yenangyaung, Magway Divison, were warned on Wednesday not to hold a ceremony to chant the Metta Sutta—the Buddha’s discourse on loving-kindness.

The monks originally planned a 12-hour-long recitation, scheduled to start at 6 p.m. Wednesday, to mark the full moon day of the fifth month of the Burmese calendar, traditionally celebrated as “Metta Sutta Day” by Burmese Buddhists.

“We only intended to recite Buddhist sutras, including the Metta Sutta, to wish for all sentient beings to be peaceful and free from anxiety. But the authorities told us to call off our plans,” a monk from Yenangyaung told The Irrawaddy on Thursday.

Similar ceremonies are normally held throughout the country on this day. However, since a brutal crackdown on the monk-led protests of 2007, which featured marching monks reciting the Metta Sutta, most monasteries have been wary of publicly chanting the sutra.

Please check out Danny’s original article, as well as his latest update.  In the former you’ll find Danny’s original video, in the latter embeds of other folks’ readings.


One More Thing….

While looking for information about Ayya Khema, I ran across a wonderful documentary photo collection on Flickr: Sangha: Munks [sic] and Nuns in the Buddhist Community by Friedrich Reg. There are several of Ven. Khema, but there are also many others including both the thought-provoking and lovely. Here’s one:

Starting Off Lightly

Thought I’d begin a real return to blogging with some interesting tidbits.

First off, did you know that k.d. lang is Buddhist? I’ve known for quite a while, but it’s only recently that I’ve seen a lot of press on the matter. As a matter of fact, Shambala Sun has a recent (03/08) interview with her:

Melvin McLeod: What type of Buddhism do you practice?

k.d.lang: About eight years ago I met a teacher here in Los Angeles from the Nyingma lineage of Tibet, Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa. The great teacher Chagdud Tulku asked him to come here and work on stabilizing dharma in the West. Lama Gyatso quickly became my teacher. I have been practicing and studying with him since.

She and her partner (Jamie Price) are on the board of directors of Ari Bödh, the American Foundation for Tibetan Cultural Preservation. Also amongst their small sangha’s current projects is “a children’s camp called Tools for Peace.”

(Please note – image is from her website – no infringement is intended, but it seemed highly appropriate for the entry.)

Also, I was reading in last month‘s Shambala Sun that the 17th Karmapa* has a love of comic books, especially the X-men:

In your talk earlier today, you mentioned that you used to read X-Men and other comics. Is that something you still do?

I would continue reading comic books, but not many people give them to me anymore! When I was young, all kinds of people would give me comic books, but now they don’t. As you know, they made a movie of the X-Men, and I enjoyed that very much. When I went to Universal Studios, I thought about buying some X-Men comics while I was there. But it was very crowded and I thought, “Well, maybe it wouldn’t be so appropriate for an adult to purchase such things.”

I am totally thinking about putting back a stash of comic books to send to him, when I can. ^_^

* I am not going to weigh in on this, but there is some controversy as to who the 17th Karmapa is – see this article for more. I see no reason, regardless of one’s position on this controversy, to not refer to him by his appropriate title.

And last, but not least, via Venerable Konchog of Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa, comes a fun invitation to provide a caption to this fab image:

You know you wanna. Rev. Danny Fisher has weighed in already. ^_- Drop by and weigh in!

The Sangha Metta Project

This film looks to be (as far as I can tell from the trailer) a really good look at the Sangha Metta Project of Southeast Asia, “which which engages monks in HIV/AIDS prevention and care.” To learn more about the film project and also to find links relevant to this issue, check out

Brother Karma Needs Help

With no money in their hands and little or no help coming from the state, family of 23-year old Karma Lama is finding it very difficult to save their young son.

DIAGNOSED WITH Nephrotic Syndrome a year back, the condition of the young monk has now worsened and he has progressed into the End Stage Renal Disease. Doctors need to replace Karma’s kidneys fast or else he is staring at certain death and in between he needs to have regular dialysis sessions to keep the system working.

For more information, there is a blog about his situation. Let’s pass this on, y’all, and spread the word. I’ll bet between all of us, we can help Karma out….


OK, this is a car commercial, but I love this:

(Found at Awakening the Buddha in us – thanks!)

The Mindful Way Video

This is an older BBC film. It’s a thoughtful look at the life and philosophy of being a Buddhist monk, filmed in Thailand.